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Illustration Contest:

Topic: Birthday

2017 is Canada’s 150 th anniversary of Confederation. Happy Birthday, CANADA!

Memories about Birthday and parties are always sweet and impressive. Young artists,

no matter you are 5 or 18, join us the big celebration by creating the most catching moment of Birthday in your memory. Make a work with the topic of birthday. Canadian elements shall be included in the contents. 

No limits on the forms or materials. It can be a sketch, oil painting, watercolor, acrylic, etc.


Contest Age Group

Group A : Children age 5-8

Group b : Children age 9-12

Group C : Children age 13-18


-Please assign a score out of 100 points to each of the selected 22 artworks. 

-Score guideline: (Creativity  40 points) / (Did it fit the Topic 30 Points) / (Craftsmanship 30 Points). Total of 100 points

-Please mark the score on your score sheets after the artwork number.


-Art works with the highest average score from all juries will be the winners. 

Round 3:

Score Sheet Download

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