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Design Contest:

Topic: Rooster

2017 is the year of Rooster according to the Chinese zodiac. Roosters always bring to

people with observant,hardworking, resourceful, courageous, and talented nature among the

twelve zodiac animal signs. The design category requires artists to Design a series of four drawings to show a short story with the rooster as the leading role. One of the four drawings must include Canadian elements. 

No limits on the forms or materials. It can be a sketch, oil painting, watercolor, acrylic, etc.

Contest Age Group

​Group D: age 13-23


Each judge picks 18 excellent works among all. Each work could only have one vote from the same judge. The top 52 artworks with most votes will be entered to next round.

Once you know which work you are going to vote for, please fill out the form below and enter all the art work names: for example: if you pick D001-LilyLiu.jpg please just enter (D001)

Round 2:

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