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CreArt Canada 2021

Canadian Creative Painting Competition for Children & Youth

2021 Painting Competition

Topic: My 2020

2020 passed by so quickly, however what happened in year 2020 is still vivid. 

During the coronavirus period, some of you might memorize the peaceful moment while you stayed at home with your family. Some students might experienced their first online class of their entire life. Some people might escape into the mother nature to enjoy a second of fresh air. Meanwhile, there are people who see the medical workers form daily news, and couldn’t forget about their strong spirit of fighting for patients’ life. You can choose to use your brush to record these marvellous memories. 

Forest fire took away many lives from mother earth, people around world were praying for them. You can use your creativity to paint down your little wishes, and tell people to love earth, protect lives, so we may build a brighter future for our homeland together. 

There were numerous things occurred in year 2020, forest fire, flood, Covid-19, everyone’s heart was filled with different memories, what was your story among all those events? You’re welcome to hold a paintbrush in your hand, to draw, to paint, to picture your own words, and your memories. Let the beautiful  stories converge from here.

Online Registration: March 15 ~ June 15, 2021.

All submitted artworks will be displayed on the CreArt Canada website and WeChat platform to the public. Online voting and WeChat voting will be available after the submission closure. All participants who submitted artworks will receive participation certificates. Awards will be issued to winners of different age groups. Winners will receive award certificates, Gold, Silver and Bronze award winners will receive cash awards for their excellency. selected awarded artworks will be framed for exhibition in Greater Vancouver. Art teachers and art schools will receive “Thank You Certificate” for their time contribution and hard work on organizing group participation in the competition.

Submission Outline:
“CreARTCanada 2021 Canadian Creative Art Competition for Children and Youth” is available for online submission. Please fill in the online application, upload hi-definition photo images of your final works. Each applicant could submit no more than 2 artworks to participate in the competition. Original Artworks will be needed to mail to the organizing committee for the final round competition. 


e-transfer to info@creartcanada.com

Please leave the name of applicant in the note section. Application fee will be 20 CAD per artwork, and each applicant could submit no more than 2 artworks to participant in the competition.  


After all students who exhibited their artworks, and are granted with awards, the winning works will be purchased by NPC School of Arts + design to support the young rising stars of art. NPC will collaborate with gallery to hold an exhibition and auction. All the winning works will be auctioned together and the donation will go to: doctors and nurses who died in the epidemic in 2020, hospitals who fight at the front line, nursing homes, BC Children's hospitals, Cancer Association, participants in the auction will receive a certificate of appreciation from Richmond Hospital Foundation.


No limits on the forms or materials. It can be a pencil/pen drawing, oil painting, watercolor, acrylic, etc.


Artwork Size Requirement: 14“x17”


Contest Age Group:

Group A: age 5-8

Group B: age 9-12

Group C: age 13-18

Group D: age 19-23


Gold Award ($500/Person)

Silver Award ($300/Person)

Bronze Award ($100/Person)

Organized by :

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Office Address:

#2110-8888 Odlin Cr 

Richmond BC Canada

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