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Gold,Silver,Bronze Awards

Contest Age Group

Gold Award($500/Group)

Silver Award($300/Group)

Bronze Award($100/Group)​​​

Gold Awards

Zixiao Liu.jpg

Zixiao Liu
Elementary Group

B048_Yunjia Ge.jpg
C008_Jiayi Liu.jpeg

Yunjia Ge
Children Group

Jiayi Liu
Teenage Group

Silver Awards

A062_Britney He_edited.jpg

Britney He
Elementary Group

A024_Jayden Zhang.jpg

Jayden Zhang
Elementary Group

A086_Alison Hoi Ching Wan.jpg

Alison Hoi Ching Wan
Elemantary Group

B011_Haeum Park.JPG

Haeum Park
Children Group

B016_Sofia Buin.jpg

Sofia Buin
Children Group

B102_Michael Zhao.jpg

Michael Zhao
Children Group

C082_Ethan Liu.jpg

Ethan Liu
Teenage Group

C018_Julia Zhou.jpg
C054_Faye Ma.jpg

Julia Zhou
Teenage Group

Faye Ma
Teenage Group

Bronze Awards

Elementary Group 5-8 years old

Children Group 9-12 years old

Teenager Group 13-18 years old

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