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【Close-up】There are talents arising in every generation! ------ Events Summary of 2016 Canadian Painting & Design Competition for Children and Youth

December 10, 2016 Saturday witnessed the grand Award Ceremony of 2016 Canadian Painting & Design Competition for Children and Youth held at the Greater Vancouver Chinese Cultural Center with hundreds of winners showed up accompanied by their parents and art teachers. In this competition with the purpose of “Activating the innovation and flying your dreams”, all contestants in this competition gave full displays of their talents. Brand new ideas and innovations showed the infinite possibilities on the children.


The Award Ceremony and Exhibition Opening was held solemnly in the Greater Vancouver Chinese Cultural Centre located in Vancouver on Dec. 10th,2016. Almost 300 students, parents, teachers and our distinguished artists guests attended the ceremony.   

CreArt 2016 Canadian Painting & Design Competition for Children and Youth is organized by two non-profit-organizations NPC Arts Foundation and North American Youth Arts and Culture Foundation since 2016. The purpose for the competition event is to create a professional arts platform for children and youth to show their talent and creativity on arts. It is the first and only international painting and design contest for children and youth aged 5 to 22 to attend in Canada. The judging panel is composed by professional designers, senior level artists, directors from art council or art department of the municipal, and professors from top-rated Art Universities.


Judging is by age groups and category. Finally, 260 entries out-shined the others, which were respectively awarded Gold awards, Silver awards, Bronze awards and outstanding awards in different age groups of Painting and Design Category.   

Ceremony Video

The Award Ceremony was held at David Lam Hall of Greater Vancouver Chinese Cultural Center.

Liu Jiakun, the Bronze Winner of Painting Group B attended the award ceremony with his Instructor Zhou Qian.

Liu Jiakun’s artwork, Bronze Winner of Painting Group B

Gold Award, Fashion Design,

by Qirui Fang

Fang Qirui a 14 years old young girl won the Gold Award of Fashion Design category. She loved painting since she’s a kid,showing special preference to fashion design. When talking about the creative inspiration of this work, she said it came out of the sunrise that she saw every day when she went to school. She hoped to add the element of “sunshine” to the design of the raincoat.

Silver Award, Fashion Design,

by Xingyi Wang

Xingyi Wang, a Grade 12 student who is moving toward her Designer Dream. Loving painting and design since she’s a little girl, Xingyi put natural elements like starry sky, sunflowers, etc. to her raincoat design to make it unique. At the same time, the design functions an easy- pack in her consideration of portability. Storage of the raincoat only needed simple folding. In future, she planned to take chances to enter the Art Center College of Design in America, to realize her dream to be a designer.

Gold Award, Character Design,

by Xipeng Xiong

Xipeng Xiong , 16 years old immigrant student originally came from Guangzhou China, expressed his impression on great change of his hometown Guangzhou from his recent visits last summer. He said, “In the two weeks of my stay in Guangzhou, I realize that whether my families, friends or many locations have changed a lot. I just captured the changes on them over the past six years,”

Gold Award, Painting Group A,

by Yanbing Chen

A Traditional Chinese Painting of a 5-year-old Girl won the Gold Award. Yanbing’s father, Mr. Chen Yangzhao, who immigrated to Canada from Guangdong 14 years ago, loved traditional Chinese paintings, saying, “Yanbing loves drawing here and there. She often scrawls everywhere in the house. I’m glad that my daughter wins the gold award with her traditional Chinese painting.”

Gold Award, Painting Group B,

by Carter Po-Ting Lin

Carter Po-Ting Lin turns to 12 this year, he’s encouraged by his art teacher to attend the competition. He said“At first, I didn’t have any inspiration. Then, my art instructor brought me a beautiful photo, and encouraged me to look at the photo carefully and found what I really like from it to draw.Then my inspiration was coming from the photo and then accomplish the artwork.

Silver Award, Painting Group B, by Makiyo Tan and Shally Tan.

Two sisters worked together and created a wonderful work. It’s the younger sister’s idea to express the thought that people from different countries lived on the Earth neighboring each other while belonging to one big family. Her idea got support from her elder sister.


Art Teachers from Greater Vancouver were invited to present to the Award Ceremony and Exhibition Opening.

Art Teacher: Katherine Wu

What matters is the experience for children to participate in the competition: Katherine Wu, the advisor of Art Wroks Studio in Vancouver spoke bluntly that this was her first time to take her students to participate in this kind of event, which was a good opportunity to practice. “It’s different from the regular exercises in class,” she said, “Through competition, children experienced the whole process of paint making from the beginning of creating, revising and exchanging ideas according the topic to the completion of the works. This experience was very precious.” She was also quite satisfied with the performance of her students.

Art Teacher: Li Feng

Winning Awards is not the goal of Competition: Feng Li, the teacher in the New Three Primary Colors School of Art, said that students were very active in this event and got good performances, for which she was very pleased. But for her, the greatest achievement was seeing the efforts of her students in the whole process and that they made great progress in the two month’s preparations. She emphasized that the goal was not to win awards, but to practice themselves, keep learning, overcome weakness by learning others’ merits in this kind of great artistic events.  

Art Teacher: Claire Zhou

Competition stimulates children’s imagination: Claire Zhou, who owned her own studio, also encouraged every child to keep on creating. She said, compared with competitions she took part in over the past years, the entries in this competition showed higher levels whether on modeling or composition, etc., which was very competitive. She gave recognition to the degree of profession of this platform. She added, “In the process of instructing the children, we see that they apply the knowledge and techniques they’ve learned in everyday life to the making of works. This is the most touching and gratifying result. We also see the infinite imagination of the children. It’s a precious experience.”

Distinguished Guests of Artists and senior Designer presented to the Ceremony.(from left to right):Mr. Jianjun An, Chair of the Judging Panel of the Competition, Mr. Zhirong Huang, Director of Vancouver R-SPACE, Mr. Yi Liu, Print Painting Artist, Director of Vancouver R-SPACE, Greta Ho, the former President of Vancouver Chinese Artist Association

Deputy Mayor of City of Burnaby, Councilor James Wang attended the Award Ceremony and the Exhibition, highly praised the wonderful artworks by young artists.

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