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About CreArt

CreArt Canadian Painting & Design Competition for Children and Youth

CreArt Canadian Painting & Design Competition for Children and Youth is organized by two non-profit-organizations NPC Arts Foundation and North American Youth Arts and Culture Foundation since 2016. The purpose for the competition event is to create a professional arts platform for children and youth to show their talent and creativity on arts. It is the first and only international painting and design contest for children and youth aged 5 to 22 to attend in Canada.


The judging panel is composed by professional designers, senior level artists, directors from art council or art department of the municipal, and professors from top-rated Art Universities.Judging is by age groups and category.

All award winners will be invited to attend grand award ceremony and receive certificates, themed souvenir, exhibition opportunity, and the Gold,Silver and Bronze winners will receive cash prizes provided by NPC Arts Foundation, which helps talented young artists turn their dream project into reality with financial supports.


CreArt Canadian Painting & Design Competition for Children and Youth was first launched in Greater Vancouver Canada in 2016. It lasts over 6 months from the preparation stage to the closing ceremony and exhibition with a total submitted artworks over 800 from 12 different cities and regions all over the world.


New Primary Color Arts Foundation(NPC Arts foundation) is a not-for-profit organization established in Richmond Canada in 2016 by the founder of New Primary Color School of Arts and Design. NPC Arts Foundation serves a significant role in art and academic communities through organizing painting and design competition, art exhibition, workshops, and art camps and cross-culture art tour for children and youth with the aim of developing talent, creating societal awareness, and providing a platform to express creativity. 


At the beginning of its establishment, the foundation mainly functioned to foster the development and enhancement of youth art students in our school with their talent and hard work by providing scholarships and grants to award outstanding students and support talent, hardworking students who need financial support to continue their study.

Meanwhile,the foundation will regularly hold painting and design contest among young art students in the community, provide exhibition opportunities to art students, organize public-spirited activities to improve students’ art cultivation and integral level.

As the foundation grows, more art programs such as themed international art painting and design Summer Camp, exhibitions for outstanding artworks in art galleries, cross-cultural arts events and tour all over the world, and top art and design university in North America tour,etc will be available for students with art dreams to join.

Launched in 2016, the 1st CreART Canadian Painting & Design Competition for Children and Youth is the first and largest international arts competition with painting and design category for children and youth to participate in Canada. It lasts over 6 months from the preparation stage to the closing ceremony and exhibition with a total submitted artworks over 800 from 12 different cities and regions all over the world. Award winners of the competition received cash prizes offered by the foundation in total over CAD$11800, as well as the award certificates, event theme T-Shirts, event album,etc.

The North American Youth Arts and Culture Foundation is a non-profit organization  incorporated in Canada to promote the development of cultural and artistic undertakings in North America and to promote international cultural exchange. Since its inception, the Foundation has successfully hosted a number of influential arts and cultural activities, including “ Canadian Painting & Design Competition for Children and Youth”, “The International Junior Elite”, “North American International Music Competition and Festival”, “Love Mom and Dad Concert”, etc.

2023 Jury Group Members

Lisa DeLuca.jpg
Lisa DeLuca

Midwest Regional Admissions Counselor,

College for Creative Studies (CCS)

Christopher Corporandy.png
Christopher Corporandy

International Admissions Counselor,College for Creative Studies (CCS)

Lisa DeLuca currently works at College for Creative Studies in Detroit as a Regional Admissions Counselor. She has also trained at the Museum of Contemporary Art as a docent and acted as an on-site mentor for the Gallery 37/After School Matters Program. She is also a mentor at the IntuiTeens 2023 Program at Intuit: The Center for Intuitive and Outsider Art. Lisa’s photographs have been exhibited at Vogt Art Center (Tinley Park, Illinois), Bridgeport Art Center (Chicago, Illinois), Epic Art House (Chicago, Illinois) and Artspace (Chicago, Illinois). One of her photographs was also recently accepted into “Open Lens XII,” a juried exhibition of fine art photography at Gallery Seven (Lockport, Illinois). What Lisa loves most about photography is being able to
capture a fleeting moment in time that will live forever through the magic of a photograph.

Christopher Corporandy is the International Admissions Counselor at CCS, a school he fell in love with after acting as course developer and adjunct instructor of Acting for Film and Animation, and occasionally teaches other courses as well. He holds a BFA in Drama/Acting from NYU Tisch School of the Arts, and an MFA in Acting from Wayne State University’s Hilberry Repertory Theatre, and a life deeply exposed to every possible art form by wonderful parents, teachers, and peers. Chris is also an actor and accent/voice coach, and thoroughly enjoys working with art and design students, of all ages, around the world.

Yi Liu

Art Director, Co-Founder of Vancouver R Space

Yi Liu is an Print Painting Artist, Curator, as well as the director and founder of Vancouver R SPACE- an independence Art space formed by professional designers and artists in Vancouver. Yi Liu used to teach print painting in one of the top arts universities of China Lu Xun Academy of Fine Arts. Yi Liu started his own Design Studio in 2001, and over the next 10 years he and his team has accomplished several large-scale construction projects’ architecture design work, such as the famous Olympic Garden in Beijing, the Summer Palace in Shenyang, the Southwest Sun and Moon City in Chendu,which have been widely recognized by the industry. In 2010, Yi Liu immigrated to Vancouver as an independent artist and curator, and is devoted himself on arts development and cross culture activities between China and Canada.

Jie Qiu
Professor and Vice President of Wuhan Textile University College of Art and Design

Jie Qiu graduated from ShanDong University of Art & Design in China and Hubei Institute of Fine Arts with Bachelor and Master’s Degree of Design. Jie Qiu is a member of The Architectural Society of China Interior Design Branch, currently is working at Wuhan Textile University College of Art and Design in China as an associate professor and vice president.

Todd Evanger
Community Arts Coordinator
Community Cultural Development
City of Richmond
Andrew An
Icon Creative Studio
Art Director

Todd Evanger is an arts professional with a background in cultural development and non-profits arts. As the City of Richmond’s Community Arts Coordinator, he is responsible for advancing strategic priorities of the Richmond Arts Strategy and vision: connecting the public and artist communities to cultural development opportunities, community arts awareness and engagement, capacity-building community partnerships, communications and marketing outreach, and supervising municipally-operated creative spaces and resources.
He holds a Master’s degree in Visual Art from the University of British Columbia.

Andrew An majored in Computer Animation and Concept Design from Ringling College of Art and Design. After graduation, he has worked as a senior Designer and Concept Artist in DHX Media, the Co-Art Director and the Lead Designer/Concept Artist in Atomic Cartoons studio, senior designer in Cinesite Vancouver, and now serves at the North American well-known Icon Creative Studio as the Art Director. As an animation designer himself, Andrew strives to challenge himself, to discover new knowledge and to reach new breakthroughs. With his experience and knowledge, he brings the most up to date information on animation to his classes to share with his students so that they may in turn also achieve their best.  

2016 Competition Judging

CreArt 2016 Canadian Painting & Design Competition for Children and Youth judging was held at David Lam Hall of Chinese Cultural Center of Greater Vancouver on Nov. 18, 2016. Almost 800 painting and design works were displayed as their category and groups on the floor of the grand hall, and it took almost the whole day for our jury panel to review, discuss and make their final decisions on the awards: Gold, Silver, Bronze, Best Pattern, Best Creative, Best Craftsmanship, Best Color, and Outstanding Awards for each group and category. “It was a hard work, but a fun experience to review fantastic young artists’ works. “said by one of our judges.

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