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Gold,Silver,Bronze Awards

Contest Age Group

Gold Award($1000/Group)

Silver Award($500/Group)

Bronze Award($300/Group)​​​

Gold Awards

Qirui Fang

16 years old

Silver Awards

Kung Sze Yui(Sherry)

17 years old

Bronze Awards

Minxi Song

16 years old

Best Creative

Guanda Li

11 years old

Kung Sze Yu (Susan)

17 years old

Jingxin Dou

16 years old

Becky Jin

15 years old

Claire Qinghua Zhong

12 years old

Xinye Li

16 years old

Junru Li

17 years old

Outstanding Awards

Emma Sun

17 years old

Jeslyn Kuai

13 years old

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