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Exhibition · Award Ceremony

Charity Auction

The 4th CreArt Canadian Painting Competition

for Children & Youth

A complete success!

Co-sponsored by North American Youth Arts and Culture Foundation, NPC Arts Foundation and Vancouver Rong Space, YKLM, Lipont Gallery, Richmond City Government Arts Service, Richmond Hospital Foundation, Canada News Today, The award ceremony of "CreARTCanada The 4th Canadian Painting Competition for Children & Youth" which is strongly supported by Rise Media Group, was grandly held on September 19, 2021 (Sunday) at Richmond Lipont Gallery.


Guest Speech


Mr. Chak Au
​Richmond City Councilman

Richmond City Councilor, Mr. Chak Au  expressed his feelings that the children's works were full of creativity and enthusiasm, and expressed their learning, life and inner feelings during the epidemic through their works. "At the beginning of last year, in the face of the unknown direction of the epidemic, a volume of ordinary The toilet paper was able to stand on the podium." "The epidemic is at home, children can't go back to China to visit relatives and can't take a plane to go on vacation. All flights at YVR Airport are also armed with masks"... District councillors encouraged the guests to  participate in the charity auction, and raise funds for the Richmond Hospital, which is one of the Top 10 medical organizations in Canada.


Mr. Jianjun An
Chairman of
the Organizing Committee

An Jianjun, Chairman of the Organizing Committee of the CreArt Canada Competition, and Chairman of NPC Arts  Foundation, delivered a welcome speech. The CreArt Canada Competition, since its first held in 2016, has been supported by people from all walks of life in Greater Vancouver. Most sincere thanks to all supporters.

大赛组委会主席 安建军

列治文市议员 区泽光 Chak Au



Mr. Yunrong Huan
Co-Chairman of
the Organizing Committee

Mr. Yunrong Huang, co-chairman of the Organizing Committee of the CreArt Canada Competition,  and chairman of the North American Youth Arts and Culture Foundation, co-hosted the CreArtCanada competition with the NPC Art Foundation. In the past six years, he has witnessed the growth of many young people who have artistic talents. At the same time, I hope they're able to go higher in the road of art and design!

Ms. Gu Shuai
Chinese Community
Charity Manager ,
Richmond Hospital Foundation

On behalf of the Richmond Hospital Foundation, I would like to express my gratitude to the NPC Art Foundation, the organizer of the competition. It was also mentioned that the charity sale of masks jointly launched by the NPC Art Foundation and the NPC School of Art and Design, "Delivering Love and Art First" - "Conceptual Design", raised funds for Richmond Hospital. Senior designer Mr.Jianjun An designed six super cool conceptual design masks during the epidemic last March, to encourage people to prepare and fight the virus. The total amount raised is $5,000, all of which will be donated to the Richmond Hospital Foundation.


Ms. Zhang Yue
CEO of Yikong Alliance

It is a pleasure to have the opportunity to participate in the art auction of young artists' artworks.


Ms. Liesl Jauk 
Director of Arts Services,
City of Richmond

This year is also the fourth time as a judge of the competition. She summarized the selection of this competition and encouraged the children not to give up their dreams under any circumstances and continue to create.


Andrew An
Judge of Competition, Presenter

Icon Creative Studio, Art Director

Roy Hoh, Presenter

Photographic artist,

Director of Vancouver Rong Space


Ms. Yan Guo
Director of Vancouver Rong Space

The children's works are infinitely creative and imaginative, which touches the artists who have been engaged in the creative industry for many years.


Mr. Zhirong Huang

Oil Painter,

Chairman of Vancouver Rong Space


Ms. Fan Zhang, Presenter

Canada Today Media


在上周六(12月10日)举行的「2016加拿大青少年创意绘画设计大赛」颁奖典礼上,上百名获奖学生在家长、指导老师陪同下共襄盛举。在这次以「燃点创意,放飞梦想」为宗旨的比赛中,参赛选手也可谓各展所长,新颖的创意和立意也让大家看到了孩子们的无限可能。  将真情实感注于笔中 比如儿童组绘画类铜奖获得者刘家坤,别看才9岁,他对于建筑的敏感度已经早早展现出不同他人的天赋。在他笔下,一座座高耸入云的大楼,钢筋水泥拼凑出的天际线跃然纸上,展现了大都市里高密度、繁杂的生活步调。 陪同孩子前来领奖的刘太太表示,孩子从小对建筑特别喜爱,对看过的楼房几乎过目不忘,这些形形色色的建筑业成为他绘画的最大元素,这次参加比赛对孩子来说是个难得的锻炼和鼓励。

Award Ceremony


Gold, Silver and Bronze Award Winners

A total of 3 Gold Awards, 9 Silver Awards, 18 Bronze Awards, 8 Best Composition Awards,

and 11 Best Color Awards were selected in this competition. 

There are 10 Best Creative Awards, 8 Best Craftsmanship Awards, 108 Outstanding Work Awards, and 7 Popularity Awards.

Elementary Group · Group photo of some award winners


Gold, silver and bronze award winners, in addition to the certificate, also receive bonus incentives:

Gold $500/person, Silver $300/person, Bronze $100/person

幼儿组 · 部分大奖获奖者合影


Children Group · Group photo of some award winners


Teenager Group · Group photo of some award winners

Affected by the epidemic, the number of participants in the on-site award ceremony was limited,

and only some award-winning young artists came to the scene to receive the award.

ZOOM and YOUTUBE online live broadcast of the award ceremony,

Many students, parents, studios and instructors who participated and

won awards from other provinces participated in the award ceremony online.

Best Instructor Award


Art Teacher, Ms. Qian Zhou


Art Teacher, Ms. Li Feng


Art Teacher, Ms. Annie Yu


Due to the impact of the epidemic, only some teachers were present,

and the representative of art teachers received the Best Instructor Award


Representative of Art Teacher · Guest Speech, Ms. Qian Zhou


Representative of Art Teacher · Guest Speech, Ms. Iris Park

Charity Auction

In addition to creativity, another highlight of this year's competition:

The organizer, NPC Arts Foundation, and the YKLM Auction jointly held the "Charity Auction of Winning Artworks"

In this way, we will support the rising stars of the art of tomorrow, and donate the proceeds from the auction to the Richmond Hospital Foundation and the medical workers who are fighting the epidemic on the front line. They are real heroes!

Proceeds from the public auction will be donated to the Richmond Hospital Foundation for the construction of a new medical imaging center. The on-site auction on the day of the award ceremony received enthusiastic participation from the guests. Five works by small painters raised a total of $3350 Canadian dollars! Ms. Shuai Gu, Philanthropy Manager-Chinese Community at Richmond Hospital Foundation, expressed her gratitude to the little painters and enthusiasts who took pictures! At the same time, the online auction has also received strong support from all parties!


Four Young Artists:Ethan Liu, Jean Chen, Sean Yan, Michael Zhao(2 Artworks)Group photo with Ms. Shuai Gu, Manager of Chinese Community Charity Affairs of the Richmond Hospital Foundation, and people with kindness who purchased the paintings.

Group photo of Guests


From Left:Ms.Yue Zhang、Ms.Shuai Gu、Mr. Yunrong Huang、Mr. Chak Au、Mr. Jianjun An、Ms.Yan Guo、

Mr. Guoning An、Mr. Zhirong Huang、Ms. Liesl Jauk、Ms. Fan Zhang

Close-up of Past competitions



The 3rd Canadian Creative Painting Competition for Children & Youth

The "CreArtCanada 2019 Canadian Youth Creative Painting Design Competition", jointly sponsored by NPC Art Foundation, Vancouver Rong Space, and North American Youth Art and Culture Foundation, was held at the Vancouver Rong last Sunday (September 22). Space/ACC Art Space was successfully held! Although it was raining in autumn, the atmosphere of the event was very lively. Nearly 300 people, including guests, participating students, parents and art education institutions, gathered at the award ceremony.


Guest Speech


Mr. Chak Au
Richmond City Councillor


Mr. Jianjun An
Chairman of the Organizing Committee,
Chairman of the NPC Arts Foundation

大赛组委会主席 安建军

列治文市议员 区泽光 Chak Au


Sionnan Wood
Former Director of Admissions at the ArtCenter College of Design

大赛组委会主席 安建军

列治文市议员 区泽光 Chak Au

Andrew An
Art Director, CG Lead Designer,
Atomic Cartoons.

Ms. Fan Zhang
Co-Chairman of
the Organizing Committee
Chairman of North American Youth Arts and Culture Foundation


Professor Shengtian Zheng
Artists, scholars, curators,
Honorary Doctorate, Emily Carr University of Art and Design, Canada.
Director of the Asian Pavilion at the Vancouver Art Gallery.


大赛组委会主席 安建军

列治文市议员 区泽光 Chak Au

Mr. Zhirong Huang
Oil Painter, 
Director of Vancouver Rong Space

Mr. Zijun Hong
Former President of
Vancouver Chinese Artists Association


Ms. Yan Guo
Director of Vancouver Rong Space


大赛组委会主席 安建军

列治文市议员 区泽光 Chak Au

Ms. Bing Xiao
Principal of Maple Hill Middle School, Canada


Mr. Zhongcai Yang
Canadian academy of music,
Famous Erhu performer and educator


Ms. Chen Huang
Painter, Curator,
Director of Vancouver Rong Space


列治文市议员 区泽光 Chak Au

Ms. Qingxia Dong
Editor-in-Chief of Metropolis Daily

Mr. Yunrong Huang
Special Media Support

Editor-in-Chief of Canada Today Media


Ms. Liqin Ding
D&J Education Consulting Inc.


Award Ceremony


Silver Award Winners


Bronze Award Winners


Elementary Group, Best Creative & Craftsmanship Award

Elementary Group, Best Composition & Colour Award


Children Group, Best Creative & Craftsmanship Award


Children Group, Best Composition & Colour Award

Teenager Group, Best Creative & Craftsmanship Award

Teenager Group, Best Composition & Colour Award


Outstanding Award Winners

People's Choice Award Winners 

Award Winners


​Gold Award Winners


Best Instructor Award

CreArt Canada competition is supported by art training institutions in Greater Vancouver,

and art teachers in primary and secondary schools.

Special thanks to the teachers for their hard work.

The "Best Instructor Award" was presented to the hard-working

art instructors by Richmond City Councillor, Mr. Chak Au.


From Left to right, Teacher Qian Zhou, Presenter Chak Au,Teacher Jenny Jia,Cheryl Chen


Teacher Li Feng receiving Best Instructor Award​

Group Photo of Guests





[Close-up] There are talented people in the country! ——A side note of the Canadian Youth Creative Painting Design Competition

Sponsored by the North American Youth Culture and Art Foundation and NPC Art Foundation, co-organized by the Canadian Youth Leadership Training Center and Vancouver, Canada, and supported by the Canada News Today, the Richmond City Government Art Services Department, and the Canadian Artists Union, "CreART Canada 2017 Canadian Creativity Painting & Design Competition for Children and Youth" award ceremony and the opening ceremony of the winning exhibition traveling exhibition were grandly held last Saturday (September 23) at the Richmond Cultural Center.

2017 Award Ceremony

Event Site

Special Guests

Teresa Wat, Member of Parliament of British Columbia and Minister of Provincial Trade, attended the award ceremony and encouraged young children to participate in such art events. At the same time, she thanked the organizers for their hard work in organizing an art and design professional competition to create a platform for children who study art. 

Most of the guests present at the award ceremony were from insiders of art majors: Sionnan Wood, senior professor of ArtCenter of the American Art Center School of Design, Liesl Jauk, director of the Art Services Department of Richmond City Government, Gu Xiong, professor of the Department of Fine Arts of UBC University, Vancouver artists and designers. The exhibitors are Yi Liu, director of Vancouver Rong Space. Vancouver oil painter, Zhirong Huang, director of “Vancouver Rong Space”, and Suiyang Long, director of Vancouver Rong Space and young photographer.

Qu Jiebing, Director of the Department of Trade of British Columbia, issued certificates to Jianjun An and Yunrong Huang, the heads of the organizers "NPC Art Foundation" and "North American Youth Arts and Culture Foundation"

Liesl Jauk, director of the Art Services Department of the Richmond City Government, who has participated in the competition selection for the second time, also expressed that she is very moved by her works every year, especially the creativity and imagination of the children, which has made her engaged in art work for many years. All were quite shocked.

Another judge of the competition, Sionnan Wood, a senior professor at the ArtCenter College of Design, was very excited to be able to participate in the award ceremony in person: "I used to rate the competition works on the computer screen before, but this time I can see the actual works, and I feel better. What you see on the computer screen is even better. The young contestants all start with Canadian elements, but they can create such a variety of paintings, each of which expresses the contestant’s own different feelings about Canada.” Sionnan Wood Although the first time Participated in the selection work of the competition, but she said that many works in the design category still left a deep impression on her.

As the judge of this painting competition, Yi Liu gave a high evaluation to the contestants: "This year's (paintings) pictures are better (compared to last year), it can be seen that every contestant is very serious and put a lot of effort into it. Great effort. One of my most impressive paintings is a Chinese paper-cut representation of Indian totems, iconic Canadian animals and plants, with simple but impressive tones.”

iebing Qu, provincial councilor for Richmond North Central constituency, was invited to attend the award ceremony of the CreArt Canada Competition. She said that the entries in this competition are very brilliant, breaking the stereotype that Asians are not good at innovation. In addition, it can be seen from the paintings that the participating young people have a passion for Canada, and they have done a lot of data collection work before painting, which is the proof that the Chinese have invested in Canada. , to encourage young children to participate more in such art events, and at the same time thank the organizers for their hard work in holding an art design professional competition to create a platform for children who learn art.

An Jianjun, chairman of the NPC Art Foundation, the organizer of the competition, said that this year's competition received a total of nearly 800 works. In addition to the local Chinese youth in Vancouver, they also received works from other ethnic communities, making the competition structure more diverse. Many works from overseas regions are also very good. Although the theme of "Canada's 150th Anniversary" is a bit difficult for children living in China, they have added their own imaginations with their knowledge of Canada and created many impressive works.

 The judge of the competition, artist and curator of Vancouver Rong Space, director Yi Liu presented the certificate, trophy and bonus to Palin Wang, the gold prize in the Elementary group (CAD$500)

Huang Zhirong, Vancouver oil painter and director of Vancouver Rong Space, presented awards to the winning children in the kindergarten group

 Elementary Group, Silver Award, Xiaoxiao Zhou 

Diverse inspiration creates unlimited creativity

A total of 5 Gold Awards, 10 Silver Awards, 21 Bronze Awards, 12 Best Composition Awards, 13 Best Color Awards, 14 Best Creativity Awards, 10 Best Skill Awards and Excellent Works were selected in this competition. 131 awards. Contestants start from the theme, paint in different painting methods, express different artistic conceptions, and have unlimited creativity - where does their creative inspiration come from?

Wang Sirui, the champion of the design category youth group, said that the inspiration for this creation came from the idiom "stand out from the crowd", telling the story of chickens and cranes. The creative process went through several finalizations, and finally decided to create an acrylic version, and worked hard on the color, which took several weeks to complete.

William Wu, the winner of the gold medal in the painting category for teenagers, said that he had participated in the youth painting competition twice before, but he had not achieved satisfactory results. Participating in this competition, he spent a lot of time researching creative techniques. He originally wanted to paint with watercolors, but unexpectedly found that sketching with a touch of bright red maple leaves is very effective.


Art Category, Elementary Group(5-8)Award Winners


Art Category, Children Group(9-12), Award Winners


Art Category, Teenager Group, Award Winners


Design Category, Teenager Group, Award Winners

The winning works will be exhibited in Richmond and Vancouver from September to the end of October. Friends who are interested in artistic creation are welcome to come and enjoy the exhibition.



【Close-up】There are talents arising in every generation! ------ Events Summary of 2016 Canadian Painting & Design Competition for Children and Youth

December 10, 2016 Saturday witnessed the grand Award Ceremony of 2016 Canadian Painting & Design Competition for Children and Youth held at the Greater Vancouver Chinese Cultural Center with hundreds of winners showed up accompanied by their parents and art teachers. In this competition with the purpose of “Activating the innovation and flying your dreams”, all contestants in this competition gave full displays of their talents. Brand new ideas and innovations showed the infinite possibilities on the children.


The Award Ceremony and Exhibition Opening was held solemnly in the Greater Vancouver Chinese Cultural Centre located in Vancouver on Dec. 10th,2016. Almost 300 students, parents, teachers and our distinguished artists guests attended the ceremony.   

CreArt 2016 Canadian Painting & Design Competition for Children and Youth is organized by two non-profit-organizations NPC Arts Foundation and North American Youth Arts and Culture Foundation since 2016. The purpose for the competition event is to create a professional arts platform for children and youth to show their talent and creativity on arts. It is the first and only international painting and design contest for children and youth aged 5 to 22 to attend in Canada. The judging panel is composed by professional designers, senior level artists, directors from art council or art department of the municipal, and professors from top-rated Art Universities.


Judging is by age groups and category. Finally, 260 entries out-shined the others, which were respectively awarded Gold awards, Silver awards, Bronze awards and outstanding awards in different age groups of Painting and Design Category.   

Ceremony Video

The Award Ceremony was held at David Lam Hall of Greater Vancouver Chinese Cultural Center.

Liu Jiakun, the Bronze Winner of Painting Group B attended the award ceremony with his Instructor Zhou Qian.

Liu Jiakun’s artwork, Bronze Winner of Painting Group B

Gold Award, Fashion Design,

by Qirui Fang

Fang Qirui a 14 years old young girl won the Gold Award of Fashion Design category. She loved painting since she’s a kid,showing special preference to fashion design. When talking about the creative inspiration of this work, she said it came out of the sunrise that she saw every day when she went to school. She hoped to add the element of “sunshine” to the design of the raincoat.

Silver Award, Fashion Design,

by Xingyi Wang

Xingyi Wang, a Grade 12 student who is moving toward her Designer Dream. Loving painting and design since she’s a little girl, Xingyi put natural elements like starry sky, sunflowers, etc. to her raincoat design to make it unique. At the same time, the design functions an easy- pack in her consideration of portability. Storage of the raincoat only needed simple folding. In future, she planned to take chances to enter the Art Center College of Design in America, to realize her dream to be a designer.

Gold Award, Character Design,

by Xipeng Xiong

Xipeng Xiong , 16 years old immigrant student originally came from Guangzhou China, expressed his impression on great change of his hometown Guangzhou from his recent visits last summer. He said, “In the two weeks of my stay in Guangzhou, I realize that whether my families, friends or many locations have changed a lot. I just captured the changes on them over the past six years,”

Gold Award, Painting Group A,

by Yanbing Chen

A Traditional Chinese Painting of a 5-year-old Girl won the Gold Award. Yanbing’s father, Mr. Chen Yangzhao, who immigrated to Canada from Guangdong 14 years ago, loved traditional Chinese paintings, saying, “Yanbing loves drawing here and there. She often scrawls everywhere in the house. I’m glad that my daughter wins the gold award with her traditional Chinese painting.”

Gold Award, Painting Group B,

by Carter Po-Ting Lin

Carter Po-Ting Lin turns to 12 this year, he’s encouraged by his art teacher to attend the competition. He said“At first, I didn’t have any inspiration. Then, my art instructor brought me a beautiful photo, and encouraged me to look at the photo carefully and found what I really like from it to draw.Then my inspiration was coming from the photo and then accomplish the artwork.

Silver Award, Painting Group B, by Makiyo Tan and Shally Tan.

Two sisters worked together and created a wonderful work. It’s the younger sister’s idea to express the thought that people from different countries lived on the Earth neighboring each other while belonging to one big family. Her idea got support from her elder sister.


Art Teachers from Greater Vancouver were invited to present to the Award Ceremony and Exhibition Opening.

Art Teacher: Katherine Wu

What matters is the experience for children to participate in the competition: Katherine Wu, the advisor of Art Wroks Studio in Vancouver spoke bluntly that this was her first time to take her students to participate in this kind of event, which was a good opportunity to practice. “It’s different from the regular exercises in class,” she said, “Through competition, children experienced the whole process of paint making from the beginning of creating, revising and exchanging ideas according the topic to the completion of the works. This experience was very precious.” She was also quite satisfied with the performance of her students.

Art Teacher: Li Feng

Winning Awards is not the goal of Competition: Feng Li, the teacher in the New Three Primary Colors School of Art, said that students were very active in this event and got good performances, for which she was very pleased. But for her, the greatest achievement was seeing the efforts of her students in the whole process and that they made great progress in the two month’s preparations. She emphasized that the goal was not to win awards, but to practice themselves, keep learning, overcome weakness by learning others’ merits in this kind of great artistic events.  

Art Teacher: Claire Zhou

Competition stimulates children’s imagination: Claire Zhou, who owned her own studio, also encouraged every child to keep on creating. She said, compared with competitions she took part in over the past years, the entries in this competition showed higher levels whether on modeling or composition, etc., which was very competitive. She gave recognition to the degree of profession of this platform. She added, “In the process of instructing the children, we see that they apply the knowledge and techniques they’ve learned in everyday life to the making of works. This is the most touching and gratifying result. We also see the infinite imagination of the children. It’s a precious experience.”

Distinguished Guests of Artists and senior Designer presented to the Ceremony.(from left to right):Mr. Jianjun An, Chair of the Judging Panel of the Competition, Mr. Zhirong Huang, Director of Vancouver R-SPACE, Mr. Yi Liu, Print Painting Artist, Director of Vancouver R-SPACE, Greta Ho, the former President of Vancouver Chinese Artist Association

Deputy Mayor of City of Burnaby, Councilor James Wang attended the Award Ceremony and the Exhibition, highly praised the wonderful artworks by young artists.

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