2021 CreArt Canadian Painting Competition for

Children & Youth

Each Candidate is able to submit 2 entries.
Submission Period: March 15 to June 15, 2021


Topic: My 2020

There were numerous things occurred in year 2020, forest fire, flood, Covid-19, everyone’s heart was filled with different memories, what was your story among all those events? You’re welcome to hold a paintbrush in your hand, to draw, to paint, to picture your own words, and your memories. Let the beautiful  stories converge from here.

No limits on the forms or materials.

It can be a sketch, oil painting, watercolor, acrylic, etc.


Age Group

Group A : age 5-8

Group B : age 9-12

Group C : age 13-18

Group D : age 19-23 

Artwork Size Requirement: 14“x17”


Gold Award($500/Person)

Silver Award($300/Person)

Bronze Award($100/Person

Copyright Authorization Agreement:
Participant will grant to CreArt Canada an irrevocable, unlimited license to display, copy, sell, sublicense, publish, and create and sell derivative works from, my work submitted for CreArt Competition.  CreArt Canada is not responsible for lost or damaged works. Entries will not be returned. Participant should affirm that this is his/her own original work. Participant understands that the submission of his/her entry into the CreArt Canada Painting Competition constitutes acceptance of the above condition, in addition to his/her agreement of the rules and guidelines stated in 2021 CreArt Painting Competition Submission Rules and Guidelines. CreArt Canada reserves the final right to make any changes. 
Contest Rules:
CreArt Canada in 2021, the Canadian Painting Competition for Children and Youth: through online application, every contestant shall take high-definition photos of the final works and submit the photos together with the application documents
  • ​​Every contestant can apply for two entries at most
  • Photos of the entries must be of high-definition, which helps the selection of judgers.
  • The works submitted must be original, or they’ll be disqualified if found to be cheating.
  • Sizes of the entries must accord with the contest rules, or the entries will be disqualified.
  • The works submitted must accord with the subject of the competition, or they’ll be disqualified.

Application Fee:

e-transfer to info@creartcanada.com

  • Please leave the name of participant in the note section.

  • Application fee will be 20 CAD for the first artwork, the second one will be 10 CAD.

  • Each applicant could submit no more than 2 artworks to participant in the competition.  

CreArt Canada will treat every contestant with fair and rigorous attitudes.
All entries with awards will get the chance to be exhibited in Vancouver, Canada. The original works awarded will be posted to the Organizing Committee of the competition with a notification sent to the winners. If you need the originals returned, please pay the postage.
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