Each Candidate is able to submit 2 entries.
Submission Deadline: June 15, 2019

Painting Category:


Topic: Family Portrait

Home is where there a cozy wooden house with rising cooking smoke in my dream; Home is a lamp that never goes out in my heart.A family portrait has recorded the wonderful moment of the whole family staying together, and captured the moments of growth that you have not noticed, all with full of love.


Besides cameras, we could also describe all of those interesting family stories by drawing. Draw a family portrait when you have a new family member coming to your house - a lovely puppy; when your sister has successfully got enrolled to her ideal university; when you visit your grandparents in China with your parents; when the entire family goes to vacation...


You may also try to draw a family portrait from your imagination. Your imagination should not be limited to one's own family. Think it in a broad sense, it could be a family portrait of cute animals, a family portrait of the global village, a family portrait of your favorite team...


No limits on the forms or materials. It can be a sketch, oil painting, watercolor, acrylic, etc.


 Age Group

Group A : Children age 5-8

Group b : Children age 9-12

Group C : Children age 13-18


Artwork Size Requirement: 14“x17”



Gold Award($500/Person)

Silver Award($300/Person)

Bronze Award($100/Person

Design Category:


Topic: Family Portrait

Design an album with the theme “Family Portrait”. All the pictures in the album are hand drawings created by yourself, not photo images taken.


Album Size: 8.5” x 5.5” 


Album Page:   6 pages + Cover Pages (front and back)


Production Requirement: Use 2 pieces of letter size cardboard paper, fold it in half, and staple it to an album. Artists’ name and age need to be displayed on the cover page. All the pictures in the album are hand drawings by yourself, not photo images. You may use computer software to edit the layout of the album, and get them printed and staple to an album, or process the entire album by hand.



High-resolution photo images of the completed album are recommended to submit online. As your artwork successfully enters the final round, we’ll inform you by phone or email to submit the original work. We encourage the creativity and diversity of photo album design and layout, and do not accept works that are organized and edited by using the automated composite album template app.


 Age Group

Group D: age 13-18

Group E: Age 19-23


Gold Award($1000/Person)

Silver Award($500/Person)

Bronze Award($300/Person


Contest Rules:
CreArt Canada in 2019, the Canadian Painting & Design Competition for Children and Youth: through online application, every contestant shall take high-definition photos of the final works and submit the photos together with the application documents
Every contestant can apply for two entries at most
​Photos of the entries must be of high-definition, which helps the selection of judgers.
​The works submitted must be original, or they’ll be disqualified if found to be cheating.
Sizes of the entries must accord with the contest rules, or the entries will be disqualified.
The works submitted must accord with the subject of the competition, or they’ll be disqualified.
$20 Canadian dollars will be charged as the entry fee on every work applied.
CreArt Canada will treat every contestant with fair and rigorous attitudes.
All entries with awards will get the chance to be exhibited in Vancouver, Canada. The original works awarded will be posted to the Organizing Committee of the competition with a notification sent to the winners. If you need the originals returned, please pay the postage.

2019CreArt Canada Painting & Design Competition for

Children and youth

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